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Nina Dobrev poses on the press line for 20th Century Fox’s ‘Let’s Be Cops’, on the second day of the annual Comic-Con, in San Diego, California July 25, 2014.
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Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones

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are you saying I have a reputation? an unusual one.
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The Vampire Diaries + nicknames II (I)

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40/50 photos of Candice Accola

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you come into my house, you disrespect my problematic fave

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What have we done?

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It’s so beautiful how she grabs his neck both times. It’s like she’s afraid that he will disappear any moment, and needs to feel that he’s there in every way. 

elenaontop: #note how he closes his eyes to start kissing down her body #because he wants to disappear #wants to let her envelop him #and just for a minute he’d be gone #there will be nothing but her skin and her blood and her gasps #(she gasps you know) #he doesn’t care about appearances #it’s not a show anymore #(it’s a different kind of show) #(the kind he stages for himself) #it’s time to drop the masks #and when you drop the masks #there’s nothing left underneath #that’s the point #elena is the silence

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Could it be worse?
skyeward + “Fix You”
Requested by anonymous
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